Saturday, 28 June 2008

All challenges received...

Thankfully everyone has now received their challenges. Hope that they are all pleased with them. There are pictures of Nicks slide mailer and Sian's house further down the page.

For Katherine, I had to make something vintage, so I made an altered domino book. For Carol i had to make an atc holder in vintage theme. All my challenges turned out to be firsts!lol Never done any of them before!

I covered the domino's in vintage paper, then utee'd over the top and finished the edges with some copper foil tape. Then I used some vintage scrapbook paper by K&Co and made the 'pages'. Finished of with some embelishments and some ribbon to tie it all together.

For Carols atc holder, I used some of the same scrap book paper. I had to find some ideas online as I had never made or seen an atc holder before!
I Had some vintage lace in my Nan's sewing box, so used this to decorate the outside with a pearl ribbon slider and a charm. On the inside I used some clipart to make a collage and some stickers. Also popped in some atc's that I had in my box.

I really enjoyed this swap, thanks Nicks for organising it and I am pleased that they have all arrived safely at their destinations.


Katherine said...

They're brilliant Dee! And that was the whole point of the challenge. Lol!

kathleen said...

Wow, brilliant piece of artwork.