Friday, 27 June 2008

Iris folding...

Well, had a very enjoyable morning yesterday learning iris folding. It was a case of jumping in with both feet! but I am very pleased with the results. May even do some of my christmas cards using this technique this year.

The top card was one from my friends kit, pre-cut aperture and her papers. The blue flower below is one done with a pattern I found on, cut out my own apperture and used some of my scrap papers for. I added some extra butterflies.

Hopefully Katherine, Sian and Carol should be receiving their challenges before long. Will pop piccies on soon.

Off now to prepare for Harrison having his friend over for tea after school - although no cleaning or tidying will be done until after he has gone home - it is not worth wasting the effort!!LOL

1 comment:

Shaz said...

looks complicated!!
Im not great at fiddly things, but you obviously are!! Well done!
Shaz xx