Saturday, 20 August 2011

I decided to put some of my stuff out on display on a set of shelves the other day - and i was shocked at how little of my stuff i have actually kept lol - the shelves look very empty !!

So i decided that i had to do something to fill them up. So out came my box of things to alter. On the top was this blank miniature key cabinet that came from the altered element last year. So as that was on the top, it seemed as good an item as any to start with. So for the last few days i have been covered in paint and ink and glue and glitter - perfect! lol

So here it is - painted, covered and filled. No theme as such - i just rummaged thru my boxes and picked out what i fancied - i am actually pleased with it and am happy for it to be on display. The glossy accents on the front is not quite dry yet - which is why it is not clear - but by tomorrow morning it will be fine.

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CAROL said...

Looks great Dee, I'm just getting back into crafting so I'm looking for inspiration, think I've just found some on your lovely blog xxx