Friday, 11 June 2010

Messy time!

I can not believe it has been so long...but this week I have had a couple of days to get all my messy stuff out of the boxes and try to finish a couple of items that have been sitting there half fininshed.

The first is a necklace. The main part is a metal book plate. I bought a tin of them from Stampin up. I have put a back on it and then filled it with watch parts which I have then sealed in Glossy Accents. I used alcohol ink to colour the metal. I have then just added some watch parts and a small inspire bead for some dangly bits.

The next is a braclet. I saw these in Tim Holtz's book and loved them, so about a year and a half ago I bought some from America and they have just been sitting in the box ever since. Well I picked up Tim's book again yesterday for some inspiration and had no real excuse not to use one.

I am not sure why there is a blob of blue colour on one of the pieces - I had no blue around at the time but never mind!

I used different papers and some of the disressables to fill each piece. The first has my initial and the the next three say flying without wings. The next one has some watch pieces ( I love using these at the moment) and the last is a photo of a baby - not me though!

The last piece is a hangy thing !? Will probably hang it off my bag. It is a metal disc which I covered in metal and added colour with alcohol ink. I used some grungeboard in the centre which I coloured with distress ink and then found a few of my bits and bobs and just stuck them on at random - sorry I mean placed just so!! Then added some beads.

Have a few more pieces which are still drying so will put them on when finished.

Am hoping to meet up with Nicks and Sparkles tomorrow at the Craft Barn - that is if Sparkle's can make it, she has a bad back at the moment so sending you some hugs to speed your recovery. I so hope they can make it as I am looking forward to seeing them so much!


Netty said...

Smashing jewellery Dee, hope you wear them all tomorrow, you will look fab and all will be envious..... Hope Sparkles is getting better she is going through such a hard time. Have fun tomorrow, Annette x

Lori said...

Lovely pieces, very creative ideas!

Peggy said...

I bet that blue mark is from the watch gear. Possibly a reaction between the metal and the water in your sealer. Don't you love it when stuff like this happens?

Nice work!