Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Another beer mat book

Have made another beer mat book! I really enjoy doing these as I don't get bored with only one technique - I get to have a go at them all!

The front page is acrylic paint and viva ferro with highlights of precious metal paint in turquoise, with a Tim Holtz plate attached. This has a key inside which is encased in glossy accents.

At the suggestion of a friend I have included some blank pages and tags in order to write down notes etc so that it can be used as a journal.

The time page background is a thick layer of metallic acrylic paints swirled together and then left to dry - takes a while! -and is decorated with old watch parts. There are a couple of pages of my favourite metal embossing. The skeleton is stamped on the metal and then embossed and cut out and stuck onto the spider web, which was done in the cuttlebug. The bird on a branch is actually chipboard shapes and then covered in the metal.

The page with the Douglas Adams quote has the one and only piece that was the result of a day playing with my melt pot - it is embossed metal and then had utee poured on it and shaped with a cookie cutter.


Lori said...

Simply FANTASTIC! Makes a person want to take up drinking beer, in a pub. hee hee. Love all your details!

sparkles said...

ooooooooo hadn't thought of making tese. I have a big bag full of beer mats [from years back lol] so might just have to have a go

Netty said...

Fabulous, love it. Annette x