Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I'm a stressed mum! LOL

Will my boys ever get through a day this holiday without shouting, arguing or annoying each other!

I tried to hide upstairs today, I managed 3 minutes before they found me - they then thought I was playing hide and seek!

Had a small bit of light relief when postie arrived though - my little package from the fruit picie arrived - ah crafting goodies! Also had a bargain on ebay the other day - a huge bunch of vintage keys - fantastic. Am looking out for broken watches now!lol

Made some braks today, am not going to upload them though!

Here are a couple of my encaustic piccies from the other day.

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jude said...

love your blogg some great creative designs .Just like to say your not the only stressed mum beleive me!please pop over to my blogg as theres an award there for you "forever friends" award pop over click on credit card past and all you have to do is link my blogg to yours ,have good weekend judex