Friday, 22 February 2013

Steampunk inspiration

I notice that steampunk is becoming a "thing" in crafting at the moment ... it has been a passion of mine for many although it is nice to see it get a bit of publicity ...I will be glad, in a way when all the novelty has died down again! .. I am actually quite disappointed in some of the items that have been brought out onto the market at the moment ( the idea some people have that adding some gears or a hot air balloon makes something steampunk is quite annoying lol ). One thing I do like though is the set of dies I purchased the other week has come in very handy for cutting out some leather gears for my project. Ok ..I will be quiet now ... lol :)

So this week I have made myself a couple of phone cases.  One is very girly steampunk and the second one is more plain. 

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