Monday, 28 September 2009

Great Weekend

Had a great weekend, took my first ever trip to Ally Pally. I had such a great time. Met up with great friends - some for the first time. I loved every minute of it, well apart from the drive home! We got caught in a bit of traffic and ended up at a standstill on top of the Dartford Bridge, which when you are not keen on heights is not pleasant!

Was a very lucky girl and received the most brilliant birthday pressie from Nicks, click over here and see the piccie on her awesome blog - I absolutely love it. Chris has said he will make it it's own special shelf.

Spent way too much money, but got some great stuff that is sitting patiently on my desk. Have a couple of orders to do then I can go play!


Nicks said...

was great to meet up with you again Dee... hope you can make the next one!
Oooooeeerrr how did I miss that fab cobweb stamp from Lavina???
Other than that we seem to have similar baskets LOL LBCrafts did well out of us two!

Agnes the Red said...

Looks like you all had a great meet up and spending spree at AP....and what a lucky girl to get such a lovely gift from Nicks!

Emimage said...

So many beautiful things to work with. I'm jealous ! I've opened a new blog. Would you mind having a look and tell me what you think ?