Saturday, 1 November 2008

pound shop bargain

I am not usually lucky in the bargain department but as i was browsing round the poundshop in town, I saw this tape. It is aluminium, self adhesive tape, used for exhaust repairs etc. It is brilliant! I picked up 2 rolls just in case and am glad I did!

Have also been playing with some atc's. This one ia acrylic paint background, put on thickly and then heated with a heat gun until it bubbles. Have then gone over it with metallic rub ons. The jigsaw piece was covered with tissue paper and then sprayed with cosmic shimmers. Then added some dangly bits.

I found a tin of domino's in a supermarket the other day so am working on a couple of brooches for raffle prizes, when finished - and if they are good enough! - I will upload the piccies.

1 comment:

Judy said...

You have solved a problem for me, Dee! How to get the effect of the tiny bubbles seen on some creations & often wondered how to do it! Now I know, must get a heat gun though! Many thanks!