Friday, 19 September 2008

Traffic Lights

Sian is hosting a swap on DC titled traffic lights. Three atc's one red, one amber and one green. On each atc there had to be some wire, some metal and some plastic. I hope i have got the right idea!

I had trouble with the amber - so it is more like a yellow/orange combo!

For the red and amber ones i used the backgrounds I created the other week. I have used red friendly plastic wihich i used in a mold for the lock, and have wrapped red wire around a vintage key. The amber one is a friendly plastic moulded face which I then coloured with permanent marker. The gold wire I threaded around the edge and add a Tim Holtz game Spinner for the metal. The Green background is a colour wash background, I die-cut a square hole in the centre and then threaded green wire through the moulded friendly plastic face to suspend it in the middle. Added some glitter and silver metal tape around the edge, which I coloured with permanent marker. Then added a metal tile to the top.

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Sian said...

These are fantastic. I'll look forward to seeing them!