Thursday, 10 July 2008

Oh dear.........spots!lol

We have been visited by the chicken pox fairy over night!LOL So Elliot will have to miss playschool tomorrow and Harrison may be at home too.

Elliot sat and played with his train track for ages today, so instead of ironing I made some more christmas cards.

The snowman poem is from the Mad About Cards website, they also do a brilliant reindeer food card. The Penguin on the end is still a work in progress, have not finished him yet - have to finish the decoupage and put some glitter on it!
Harrison got his end of year report today, he has done really well. It was open evening earlier, so we went and looked at all his work and met his new teacher and found his new classroom.
Well, suppose I had better go and put all my craft bits away, they are currently all over the kitchen!

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Shaz said...

a wonderful festive card dee, well done