Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It arrived...

I now have my new supply of friendly plastic. Just need some time to play with it!

The wedding was lovely, did not get a piccie of me though! It is my parents ruby wedding anniversary this weekend, so will try again then.

Elliot is having his first school photo being taken at playschool this morning...with a black eye - he went for a trip at the wedding and banged his head on a paving slab. I can see my make up bag coming in handy!

Am off to rumage in my cupboards now, Nicks has set a new challenge swap up on DC. I have to use something that I have bought and put at the back of the drawer or used once and given up! I think I will put everything on the table and see what happens!

I have set my group all the same challenge - Make a house (dans ma maison) but using a colour theme they do not usually use, that they are uncomforatable using! hope to use the results and display them.


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